Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting "STARTED"

With everything budding around US, I decided 
it was TIME.
SOOOOO today we started our GARDEN

The GIRLS helped out too ☺☻☺☻

This is how far we got ( not to bad for 2 hours)
as we were heading back to the house I noticed one of my
I was so EXCITED
(after the RAIN we will probably have more)

We had to let the DOG'S in to there kennels
She does look WICKED cute , I have to say.


Rhonda said...

Ambitious. I am impressed. I must say, living in CT, we have had our gardening nightmares. However, from your profile intro, I see you did not like it here very much. Haha....I understand. However, we have been here for 11 years and love it. Although, it might be time to consider a move because our kids are all moving west.

♥cHRISSY♥ said...

When I first moved to CT it was a DEFINITE culture shock, we moved in one of the record breaking Humidified summers and coming from UT it was VERY hard to get used to, also we moved to East Hartford which I would not recommend as a good starting place for new comers (a lot of the people were very impolite). Some GREAT things did come to me from CT, I met my husband and some good friends. I also am Grateful that I still have family there so I can come VISIT often (I think I appreciate the beauty of CT more from afar).