Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There is an Amber alert in my area, for a 12 year old girl and her sister they are traveling with their adoptive father. Now the part that bothers me is the 12 year old girl is 9 months pregnant!!!!
Does this bother anybody else ? I'm wondering why is an 11 year old girl having sex, when I was 11 I was most definitely not thinking about SEX, this is becoming more common and accepted by society. Where have OUR VALUES gone, why does common society not have any RESPECT for itself anymore.

Another news story today they found the body of a five year old girl, they have the man on trial who raped and killed her (did I mention she was five). Then to rap up the story the girls mother is also on trial for solicitation of a minor, what does this mean ~ SHE SOLD HER FIVE YEAR OLD FOR SEX....................... does this bother anybody else oh and the man she sold her to.... her boyfriend the man on trial for killing and raping the little girl all I have to say is SIIIICCCCCKK and WRONG!!!!!!!!

Mourning :-(

Last night at 9:30 PM I went to go do my normal check
on MOM and pups, I did the normal routine~ I counted
all the pups checked out Mama then on to checking out
the pups to see if they were warm enough~ all were good
except one SHE WASN'T MOVING
I picked her up and she was
COLD ~ my HEART dropped this little
puppy was gone, I tried to prepare myself for this~ I
tried not to get attached, but when the time came I find
I wasn't as prepared as I thought
I hope you find your way,
I hope you have PEACE
and even though we did not get to
know each other for long. You
are MISSED.......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pupppies are here!!!!!!

As of September 25, 2009 we have a new MAMA to join our Family!!!

Willow is the proud Mama of 11 pups
by 7:30 on Friday morning she already had five, She was
all done and exausted by 3:00
We have 8 girls and 3 boys
She did a GREAT job all appear to be healthy and growing fast!!!!