Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pupppies are here!!!!!!

As of September 25, 2009 we have a new MAMA to join our Family!!!

Willow is the proud Mama of 11 pups
by 7:30 on Friday morning she already had five, She was
all done and exausted by 3:00
We have 8 girls and 3 boys
She did a GREAT job all appear to be healthy and growing fast!!!!


The Lassig Family said...

that' so awesome...the lil'pups look so cute

Em said...

is childbirth as painful for them as it is for us???

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

I don't know if it as painful, but she did have contractions between each labor and when they came out they were in a sac that she had to chew off~ she was really exhausted when she was all done!!!!!