Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last day for TEE SHIRTS

I am dejected to say this is the last day we will be
wearing short sleeve shirts and playing in the water :-( .
Tomorrow they are calling for it to be 46 Brrrrrrrr,
Now that's cold. After having 75 degree days even 60
feels chilly, yesterday I had to put a jacket on.

So for now we are making sure we are ready for
the cold weather to come. Hopefully the temperatures
will go back up soon !!!!!!

1 comment:

em said...

ok, why does the weather do that? i am like you. flip flops were out and on my toes. i painted them red for the warm weather. summer was coming!!!! and then, blah, snow storm, which normally i would accept with open arms...and i did part way, but then i realized my flip flops were a fluke and i was colder now than i was a month ago when the temp was actually lower. really, come on weather, pick a season already;-)