Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here I SIT

AS i am sitting here taking care of Alexandra's puke pan, i stop and think how many people there are that i really would be able to do this for. See the thing is i despise puke and poop (i see it, smell it, touch it- I am grossed out EWWWWW seriously on the virge vomiting myself to the point that i have a hard time with my own vomit or poop) but yet for this precious little girl MY DAUGHTER i do it with ease, no problem. Here i sit holding her while she vomits, cleaning poop off of her when she has an accident, wash all the clothing that she gets sick in or on, while in this process getting it all over myself , it's no problem i am at ease. Only able to think about one thing HER, and hope with all my HEART this will end as soon as possible, that she never has to go threw it again.


Anonymous said...

Grannie says Amen to her never having to do this again.

em said...

this is what i love about being a mom. doing something for someone that you never thought you could do. i love that.