Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This gardening GIG is a lot, I never thought much about it, I thought oh YES lets start a garden this year, there should be nothing to it, WROOOOONGGG in so many ways.  First off I started with way to big of an area ,my thinking behind this was " I should make my garden the size I ultimately want it to end up being  so I never have to move my fencing"(exact quote) . . . . . . . .   BAD IDEA #1.

Then I decide to ROTOTILL into VIRGIN ground, by my self, with a rented machine, I tilled for 3 days and only got a ½ inch into the ground. . . . . . . . 

GOOD NEWS:  Our neighbor knows a guy we will call him MR. GEORGE, who has a tractor with an attachment that can till the ground WOOO HOOOOO !!!!!!

Now me being the procrastinator that I tend to be sometimes(always something more pressing to do YOU KNOW: Laundry,dishes,Blogging,watching T.V.) Waite's to HOE the ground and plant. . . . . . . 

We had 2 weeks basically of straight rain, so here I am 4 days before memorial day (My deadline to have the seeds in the ground) trying to HOE this CLAY filled ground, it is sticking back together with itself and makes for some HARD WORK ☼ LUCKY I am not affraid of  hard work so. . . . . . . . . HI HO HI HO IT'S OFF TO WORK I GO !!!!!!!!!!!

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em said...

OH how i wish for a garden of my own!!!! sounds like a lot of work though;-) hopefully you got your clay ground problem solved. make sure you go to texas road house soon! you'll love the rolls....and the cactus blossom....mmmmmmmm!