Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 Reasons WHY i L♥VE living in North Carolina

  1. The people are so NICE !!
  2. It is WARM Weather for most of the year
  3. They use COOL terms Like: KIN, YONDER,and Y'ALL
  4. Around the Corner usually means at least 10 miles
  5. My GIRLS are going to be SOUTHERN BELLE's
  6. Everything is Laid back, there is no hurry or hustle bustle.
  7. The cost of LIVING is a lot less and there is a lot of local markets to shop at!!
  8. I can see the STARS at NIGHT!!
  9. In the SPRING and FALL the Tree's are filled with BEAUTIFUL colors (purple,pink,white,red)
  10. There is some really COOL places to VISIT and SIGHT SEE 
  11. They sell SWEET TEA at every single food resturant in TOWN
We have been here for 1½ years, and so far it is all G☺☺D!! We are living a COUNTRY life we have a Ranch style farm house with 3 Bedrooms (meaning there is a GUEST ROOM ~Visitor's WELCOME). Our house is on 2½ acres of land so there is a lot of free space to run. It is DEFINITELY hot here during the days with all of that humidity(which I am now used to)☼, but cools down at night leaving open availability to do a lot of FRONT PORCH SITTIN' and PICKIN' 


em said...

ohhhhhhhh, i love this. LOVE THIS LOVE THIS LOVE THIS. i am all about the simple life, porch sittin and pickin life. we improvise for now. no porch, but lots of "yard sittin" ;-)

The Lassig Family said...

i have to say the south knows how to make some tea...I had some sweet tea and know now why it's so addicting...yummy