Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Been Awile!!!!!!!

My CAMERA broke>>>> here are a few shots
I got with borrowed camera's

This deer was right in our yard it was so COOL to see.
My girls L♥VE playing dress up!! I only wish I lived
closer to my Grandma I remeber when I was younger Loving to
play in her closet with my cousins dressing up in all her
clothes, shoes and Jewelery It was so much FUN!!!!

Alexandra is growing so fast she is FINALLY starting
to grow some hair for me to fuss with.

When we are inside we tend to watch a lot of movies.
Ronnie at this time started taking forever to eat
(I am talking hours) We had to let her move her plate
into the living room so that she would finish and not
be alone, Cowboy not being used to it sat here
completely hunched over watching her
hot dog with deep intensity.

4th of July was kinda boring around here
I got sick so we didn't really see any fireworks
but I got the girls these DARLING out fits
so I had to get a few pictures!!!

A couple pictures of the DOGS!!

After one rainstorm we saw this right outside our back door
This is the first time I have ever seen a double rainbow, The
top one is really faint, but it really is there!!!!

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The Lassig Family said...

WOW!! alot happens when you're having fun....dress up is so fun...hailey has us doing it with her and then we have "tea" (water) parties. gotta love girls!!